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Ritual for installation of a knight templar stichting argus. Ritual of the knights templar degree december 28, 2005. Another ritual which has similar success is that of the rose croix degree. I am always interested in buying and selling old books about freemasons and masonic rituals, the knights templar, etc. Freemasonry mimics the two fundamental sacraments of the christian church baptism and communion. Are you also a book lover and looking for great collections of freemasonry books. The mediterranean pass is one of the secrets of the. Ritual of the knights templar degree by anonymous, december 28, 2005, kessinger publishing edition, paperback in english. The rubrics of this ritual are framed for a preceptory in which a deputy. Under the umbrella title of freemasonry, the knight templar ritual is an example par excellence of a rite of passage, and i will try to convince you that this is so. United religious, military and masonic order of the temple, and of st. Excellent quality masonic regalia, supplies and books at affordable and sensible prices.

Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Full text of the perfect ceremonies of the masonic knights templar. All items for sale will be subject to an additional payment to cover postage and packing. John of jerusalem, palestine, rhodes and malta of england and wales and its provinces overseas ritual for installat ion of a knigh t templar. Religious, and military order of masonic knts, templar in england and wales. The english ritual book clarified this in its 1989 edition and subsequent editions by stating. Knights templar ritual masonic regalia masonic supplies. So, here masonic collection presents you a wide range of ritual books for all orders including aldersgate, book of constitutions ugle, emulation books, passing cards. Your one stop shop for knights templar ritual with excellent quality and supplies, at affordable and sensible prices. Craft emulation installing masters guide ritual book. Masonic mark master mason ritual books no 1 or no 2. Knights templar degree exposed secret societies exposed.

According to an ancient ritual, three veils are drawn to represent the. The current ritual used in the uk is quite clear that there is no. They say a good book is a mans best friend, and it can teach you what nobody can. Then called a lewis, the focus of the company was exclusively on ritual books from masonic craft degrees through to the masonic side orders. If yes, then we welcome you at our online masonic regalia store where we bring great range of popular knight templar books which help in enhancing your knowledge about knightstemplar kt titles. Marshal goes to the door, receives declaration book from the guard and. Stephen dafoe is the author of several books on the knights templar and. Knights of malta ritual revised 2011 reprinted 2019. Masonic lodge degree knights templar manual freemasonry royal arch ritual degree. Masonic knights templar legends the robert the bruce legend, the.

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