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I switched schools in the third grade, and even though it ended up being fabulous, the first week was a little tough. The first year as a new principal at a school is a daunting challenge. This experience can be fun, but also fraught with emotion, particularly if your child is starting at a new school. These great educational leadership books have influenced my own practice deeply. Principals recommend best professional books education world. Now, the schools beloved longtime principal is out with a new. As new principals enter the position, they adapt to the role at different rates of speed. Per orders by indiana governor eric holcomb, cscshc will be closed until through the remainder of the 20192020 school year due to concerns over covid19 coronavirus. Dont worry though, the 22 books mentioned in this blog are still amazing if you are anything like me, you are devoted to learning so i hope you really get value from reading this post on the best books for school principals. Once, at a meeting, when the principal of a middle school said that the targets were out of his students reach, hall responded, you have to make your targets, and then pointed to a chart.

Full of ideas, this valuable resource helps you ask yourself the important questions, find answers, and develop strong plans of action. Corwin press january 2001, second edition principal comment. Burry returned to hartsville high in 1978, taught us history and sociology for nine years, was a guidance counselor of 17 years and became hartsville high school principal at. Principals are todays newest superheroes, and every superhero needs a mentor. Everyone is trying to figure you out, testing your mettle, and attempting to make a good impression. The hillsborough county school board approved several principal transfers at its meeting on tuesday. Great gift idea for principals to give their staff. Its amazing how many of the suggestions have been borne out by subsequent events. Although the celebrity status is a great ego boost, it comes at a price. Beginning the assistant principalship provides excellent tools to navigate your way as a new administrator. Now, the schools beloved longtime principal is out with a new book about april 20, 1999 and the recovery ever since. Charlie burry writes book reflecting on his 45 years in. Linda morford 1 principal checklist administrative timetable august new teacher orientationinduction new staff orientation new student orientation make sure all teaching certificates are registered meet with secretarial staff to discuss upcoming year o develop yearly checklist o create to do lists with individual responsibilities identified.

This is an excellent book for potential, new, and experienced school administrators. I bought this book upon my first appointment as principal, and i reread parts of it now and then. Drive student learning as the primary mission of the school. Naesp, in collaboration with solution tree, is pleased to.

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