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Raging bull 454 454 casull matte stainless taurus usa. Taurus 454 raging bull this doubleaction fiveshot handgun is big. After quite a bit of shooting some pretty heavy loads of h110 under a 340gr hardcast it still locks up tighter than my brand new ruger blackhawk. Aug 18, 2010 i recently purchased a taurus raging bull, chambered in. Taurus raging bull, 454 casull, 8 38 barrel, polished stainless, ported barrel, adjustable rear sight, full lug, front and rear cylinder locks, soft black rubber grips with recoil absorbing ins. And lastly, i must say i like my raging bull in 454. This revolver is one of the most accurate i have shot with both 45lc and 454. Dec 04, 20 taking a look at my taurus raging bull 454 casull. Chambering the popular and powerful 454 casull round, the taurus raging bull 454 is still among americas favorite hunting handguns. You are bidding on a taurus raging bull in 454 casull with a 5 barrel. This addition gives more purpose to the hefty yet aggressive lines of the revolver and it surely broadens its appeal to hunters. Chambering the popular and powerful 454 casull rounds, the mighty 454 revolver is built for a lifetim.

Today we have a new chef in the casull making kitchen, taurus. Taurus raging judge magnum 454 casull 410 45 lc duration. The taurus raging bull model 454 is an extraordinary revolver suitable for a number of shooting applications, including handgun hunting and home defense. Winner of the 2019 american hunter handgun of the year golden bullseye award, the taurus raging huntert is a nextgeneration, bigbore revolver thats first in innovationand built to last. Taurus model 454 stainless raging bull 454 casull revolver 2. So i started asking everyone if they would want to trade. The raging bull 454 casull will fire 454, 45 colt and 45 schofield rounds though ive never shot the schofield i have shot some pretty stout 45 colt rounds with it. I didnt make this video to show off, or to try to impress anybody, least of all strangers around the globe. I sent my 454 back, and they fixed it for free, and promptly sent it back.

It combines a rugged exterior with the stability of a belt loops. Designed with an exposed hammer and a cushioned rubber grip, the taurus 454 raging bull. Raging bull i have two, one in 454 casull and one in 45 colt. A these accessories are designed to fit the following model. If that were not so, you wouldnt see such a large temporary cavity near the entry wound, and none at all when the bullet comes to rest. As one would expect, the raging bull ships with everything. I have owned a raging bull in 454 casull and now currently own one in 44 magnum. Shot some of my reloads thru it and decided to send it. Ruger super blackhawkredhawks are great guns,i have had a few. The original raging bulls are still among americas. They are light and durable in design and utilize internal orings which reduces the need for lubrication.

Miami, fl taurus, manufacturer of quality handguns for hunting, selfdefense, and competition, has announced that its newest member of the raging hunter revolver series, the raging hunter. I would recommend the raging bull to anyone they are very nice revolvers. Taurus raging judge magnum snub nose model 5 duration. A guy id never met before was shooting a new one at the range and was quite excited about it. The stock red stripe taurus grips really help tame the sting and the porting keeps the gone nearly level believe it or not. Does anyone know who makes a speedloader for a taurus 454 casull raging bull 5 shot. Granted this is not a daily carry revolver by any means but this type does have its place. Each accessory below is manufactured using the highest quality materials right here in the u. Shooting the 45lc is a blast, it feels like a mild. The taurus raging judge revolver brings the heat with.

You get what you pay for in this world and when it comes to 60,000 pounds of pressure between my hands i want the best gun made to do the job. Its a big gun, but my buddy knows how to put it on paper. Taurus raging bull model 454 2 14 inch 2454029m keep. Jul 07, 2014 test taurus raging bull 454 casull a 25 metres. As with the raging bull, the raging hunter comes in several variants that are chambered in different calibers. Customer service is just as important as a quality firearm for me. Many handgun hunters first took notice of taurus in the late 1990s, when the brazilian manufacturer introduced its massive raging bull revolver chambered for the beaststomping. I ended up trading them for a taurus raging bull in 454 casull and 150 rounds of ammo. The taurus raging hunter in 44 mag is a handgun that put a huge smile on my face the moment i held it in my hand. Taurus has a revolver that fires the 454 round, and will also fire the 45lc and the 410, if i am not mistaken. The original raging bulls are still among americas favorite hunting handguns. Aug 09, 2017 the 5 calibers to claim the most powerful handgun in the world title reupload duration.

Firing of the taurus raging bull 454 casull youtube. I took it to the range and tried it out last night. Later, hunters who wanted to carry a handgun on the trail but not necessarily hunt with it recognized the taurus tracker. Big toothy animal protection while walking through the woods. I have a couple of recipes and that is because i sometimes shoot on an indoor range that was built for. I have owned almost every brand of 44 mag and most are very good shooters,but the only one i have kept and enjoy the most is the taurus raging bull. Taurus raging bull en 454 casull astg armurerie saint guillaume. Chambering the popular and powerful 454 casull roun for sale by discount tactical supply on gunsamerica 917152321. Somehow another toy always pops up about the time im ready to buy one though, thats how i ended up with 2 nice 22250s. I shoot my 340 grain hardcast at 50 in my raging bull 454 casull.

Sure, but the loss of energy in over penetration is overrated. My experience with the raging bull is limited to a 454 casull that is several years old. The one thing i like about taurus is they have a lifetime warranty. The taurus judge is a five shot revolver designed and produced by taurus international.

I would imagine that a 612 ported barrel would cost you some performance. And if you load your own the 45lc can really perform. They are very well made and will handle the hottest loads out there. The engineering, fit and finish, of this speed loader is awesome. Got my srh a few days later from my gundealer friend. In the 454 i had put around 3,000 rounds of full house 454 casull and probably around 2500 rds of 454 loaded to 45 colt pressures just for casual shooting. I heard controversial opinion about its strenght and reliablenesshow it is about the recoil. Built for a lifetime of tough use, the raging bull 454 is a 5shot revolver that features a crisp trigger break and smooth pull for accuracy, cushioned grips and factory porting to reduce felt recoil. The basic design was a lengthened and structurally improved. Speed loaders, range blocks, bedside blocks, and pouches in a variety of finishes for your 5 shot. It also features a dual lockup cylinder, a smooth trigger and the taurus security system tss. When i switched to hornady ammo, i had a weird problem.

And continued till i finally took pity on her and switched to. These speed loaders are cnc machined from solid billet aluminum. Had a trigger job done to lighten double action and make it more linear, but that wasnt really necessary. I tried every table at the show that had inline stuffers, and everyone said the same thing. Its multilayer nylon cushion fit design molds itself to the shape of the gun. Jan 06, 20 firing of the taurus raging bull 454 casull worldwarsupply. Shop online for 454 casull pistols and revolvers from top brands like magnum research, taurus, ruger, and many more. I just wanted to know if it would work properly, and more importantly, safely. Please allow up to 14 days for your order to process.

The raging bull is a revolver manufactured by the brazilian taurus international firearm company in its larger calibers it is marketed as a hunters sidearm because it is a potent weapon with plenty of stopping power. Have a about rounds thru it, mostly 300 gn hornady and 340 gn lbts at around 1500 fps. Raging hunter 454 casull matte black oxide taurus usa. Im thinking, if i get the taurus, it will be in the 5 or 6. Being as how its ported to begin with, i would want the 838 barrel to get the most out of the cartridge. The taurus raging bull model 454 is an extraordinary revolver suitable for a number of shooting applications, including handgun hunting and personal defense. The guy in the stall next to me was teaching his wifegirlfriendsistor i dont know which how to shoot. Along with added capacity, the raging judge features the famous red raging bull. Taurus raging bull well ive always wanted a big bore revolver and have always longed for a ruger blackhawk in 44 mag. I decided this was a good time to shoot some raging bull. Taurus 454 raging bull revolver sportsmans warehouse.

I have never experienced any problems with either one. The 5 calibers to claim the most powerful handgun in the world title reupload duration. It does push back straight back a good amount with hot loads. Guns from freedom arms and ruger exact a toll on the hunter as well as the hunted. This doublesingleaction revolver is chambered for the powerful. Our test gun was blued, but stainless is an extracost option. Ive owned both the taurus and the srh, sold the taurus the next dayjunk as far as i was concerned, accurate enough though. If youve been looking for a speed loader for your hand cannon this is the only one to buy. The taurus raging bull 454 double action revolver is purpose built to be the strongest, most powerful revolver perfect for personal protection or hunting. I dont anticipate ever having to reload my raging bull in a hurry, but this is a great way to carry, and keep track of 5 more cartridges. Taurus raging bull model 454 largeframe hunting revolver. The raging bull is an awesome platform, especially in the 454 and handles recoil better than most others.

Packing a sixround cylinder, the large frame of the raging judge pairs added capacity with the famous raging bull backstrap for added cushioning. I understand that it is a rimless cartridge, and moonclips would be required. The raging bull is the flag ship so perhaps they take a little more care with it. It has two cylinder locking devices to strengthen the revolvers lockup under the 60,000 psi pressure of the. Also it does have a double latch system to drop the cylinder and it is a bit large to use for a ccw weapon in my opinion however it does make a great back up gun in bear country. Testing out one of the largest handguns on the market. Its 12 14 inches long, 6 14 inches high, and weighs 3. Chambering the popular and powerful 454 casull rounds, the mighty 454 revolvers are built for a lifetime of tough use. I really like the ruger alaskan and the taurus raging bull. When it comes to the 454casull cartridge i would not take taurus raging bull revolvers for one ruger, nor 100 ruger 454 s for one freedom arms 454casull revolver. I am considering purchasing a taurus raging bull in. Taurus raging judge magnum 454 casull shootridelive. Taurus 454 raging bull revolver the original raging bulls are still among americas favorite hunting handguns.

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